We think best under pressure and under ground.

Our unique application of the Hybrid Drilling rig irrefutably dominates the previous standard for horizontal drilling completions. Hybrid Drilling's innovative operations greatly save time and money while reducing job site incidents.

Having decades of experience in the oilfields, Hybrid’s founders recognized the inherent dangers associated with hands-on operations. They sought the opportunity to move away from predominantly manual operations of a traditional workover rig to a labor-saving one. Their economically-conscious belief of increasing efficiencies and decreasing risk to yield the best possible outcomes is evident throughout the Hybrid completion unit. Engineered for consistent and improved overall performance, the Hybrid Drilling completion unit’s reliability prevails regardless of the varying parameters by which it must operate.

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Safety to the core.

Hybrid Drilling, at its core, combines customized advancements with innovative rig operations. The result optimizes efficiency and risk management in our work environments. From our company policies and culture to the mechanics behind our equipment, we strive for utterly safe oil and gas completion operations.